With Amilton as the pianist, the Zimbo Trio won various nation and international awards, such as

  • Best Instrumental Group at the “Pinheiro de Ouro” Awards, 3 times starting in 1964

  • The Roquete Pinto trophy

  • The Mar Del Plata International Records Festival in Argentina

  • The New Wave Festival in Caracas

  • Best Instrumental Group at the SHARP Music Awards in 1994

  • The 23rd TIM Award in 2008

  • The Brazilian Music Award in 2012 for the CD “Zimbo Trio Autoral”, consisting entirely of original compositions


In 1973, together with Rubens Barsotti, Luiz Chaves e João Ariza, Amilton founded one of the most important music schools in Brazil, CLAM Centro Livre de Aprendizagem Musical, responsible for the education of various artists, both national and international.


Today the ZIMBO TRIO takes the name AMILTON GODOY TRIO, since Amilton is the only remaining member of the original TRIO e and after RUBINHO BARSOTTI left, Amilton felt that the name should not continue since one of his bandmates no longer shared the stage with him and so he decided instead to pay tribute by “TELLING THE STORY OF THE ZIMBO TRIO”.


Amilton has published more than ten books on piano and harmony methods that are used by more than 30,000 music students.


Amilton has managed the piano department at the Campos do Jordão Winter Festival and was director for two years of the Guiomar Novaes Week in São João da Boa Vista. In 2012 he administered the piano course and five illustrative lecture courses with a variety of themes at the Office of Music in Curitiba.


Together with the composer Dulce Auriemo, Amilton has produced two albums from the collection “Solo Piano by Brazilian Composers”. They won the JABUTI prize for “My First Solo Piano Album”. Michael Hase, first flautist of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, then invited Amilton to arrange some of the pieces from this collection for flute and piano.


In 2011 Amilton was the soloist for the Jazz Symphony Orchestra under the Italian conductor Nino Lepore, in a tribute to Nino Rota.


Furthermore, in 2012 Amilton arranged and recorded, together with the harmonist Gabriel Grossi, a CD entitled “Popular Villa Lobos”, though sponsorship from PROAC.


Amilton has been a member of the Music Committee of the Secretary of State for Culture and of the State Council for Culture for eight years.

As a soloist he is considered one of the world’s greatest pianists and has performed with various orchestras conducted by, for example, Cyro Pereira, Julio Medaglia, Chico de Moraes, Simon Bleche, Roberto Sion, Maurício Galindo and Wagner Tiso.

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