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Tudo Bem is a music producer passionate about good Brazilian and World Music, which aims to share this passion with the whole world through its artists by inviting artists with the same passion to Brazil.
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AMILTON & Tico d'Godoy Quartet


   Father and son unite on stage for a unique performance. Accompanied by drums and bass, the pianist Amilton Godoy and his son the saxophonist Tico Godoy present their talent and passion in a concert of Brazilian Jazz standards and original compositions.

Cultural and Educational Venue
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   One of the most respected Brazilian musician, pianist, 

 founding member of Zimbo Trio and Clam, composer,

 arranger, teacher, speaker and wonderful person.

    Winner of several national and international awards

  offers you several ways to share your Love of Music with


 - Amilton Godoy Trio

 - Amilton Godoy Duo

 - Amilton Godoy Solo

 - Amilton Godoy Soloist (orchestras and similar)

 - Amilton Godoy Speeches, Workshops and WorkShows

GROOFBOOGALOO - Uma Aventura Musical


   Instrumental Quartet formed in 2009, committed to promoting the Boogaloo musical style with Brazilian soul

   Boogaloo is the happy marriage of Latin styles and Soul, Jazz and Blues, having great influence in the emergence of Rock'n'roll, Modern Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Funk and Drum and bass

   Added to the special seasoning of rich and respected Brazilian music, it comes with a unique, engaging, fun, original and unprecedented style

3G Trio


   Three cousins. Three sounds.
   One single path
   Piano, saxophone, and a stunning vocal in a unique formation representing the brazilian music
   The Trio has travelled Brazil and the world with wide recognition performing Brazil's best artists and composers carrying all the swing, rich harmony, and happinnes to the stages

TRiNCHeiRa - M.P.B.JazZ


   Instrumental Quintet dedicated to M.P.B. and Jazz

   Respecting and defending what the world has of the best in traditional and contemporary Jazz, TRiNCHeiRa adds Brazilian Music Jewelry in Jazzistic arrangements with a lot of Brazility and Suingue

   Since 2008 it involves everything and everyone in a beautiful and unforgettable performance



   3 Djs + Sax Live

   Three masters aroused their curiosity during the nights. Old friends with a young soul
Who has the chance to watch one of his performances certainly does not stand still
   In Deep House's refined repertoire, blending old hits with new trends, these three 80-year-old children express their unique experiences behind their turntables, showing that age is no problem at all

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Chimpanzé   Clube Trio

   Despite having its roots in rock and roll, the band does not deny other ideas and styles.

   They consider their music an instrumental pop rock that suits the most various tastes.

   They’ve played at the most diverse stages and independent festivals all over Brazil and are now looking forward to showing ZERÂNIA for the listeners all over the world

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