Odds Musik - Old But Gold

Three gentlemen have aroused curiosity during nights out. The trio is entitled: Hans, Bill and Klaus, old friends with a young soul. They are friends from a German town called Heidelberg.

For them, the night begins after a simple potato soup with sausage and, as soon as their wives fall asleep on their warm beds, the three get together secretly and wander the streets hunting for an ecstatic GIG.

The secret pastime of these three old men gave them the title of “Old But Gold”, and anyone who has a chance to watch one of their performances certainly does not stand still.

The Odds always presents itself with a contagious energy and does not lose the breath in the refined repertory of Deep House, mixing old hits with new tendencies. These three 80-year-olds express their unique experiences behind their turntables, showing that age is not problem at all.

The fun story was created by a group of musicians, who opted for anonymity, and through senile-looking characters, toddler energy and refined musical taste, they have entertained thousands of people around the world.

Out of the tracks and the characters, the three interpreters are averse to the hype and guarantee not to reveal their true identity for anything. According to the artists, the group Odds should remain like that in order to keep as close as possible to the music, and at the same time away from common disarrays at night. Nothing better than three grumpy old men as a perfect justification for their decision.

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